What is Jeg News?

Jeg News is a news site only reporting the good news in the world. When you turn on the news at night you hear about the violent crimes in the world and we want to inform you about all the good that is happening in the world.

How did we come up with Jeg News?

When our founder was 14, he started a not for profit program that brought free carnivals to children who are underprivileged, mentally and physically disabled, and/or those who have life threatening illnesses. But the main problem he faced was trying to get publicity and attention to be able to help him grow the program on a larger scale. Jeg News enables all to report stories of good throughout the world.

How can I report a Story?

Go to our report a story page and submit a story. We love pictures and videos, but we ask that if you are submitting a picture or video that you have authorized consent from those within the picture or video, as well as a parent or guardians.

How do I land a Job with Jeg News?

We are so excited you want to join our awesome team! We are currently looking for all majors and degrees. Feel free to shoot us a message via jegnews@gmail.com with your name, school you attend or attended, and what areas you would like to work on at Jeg News. In addition please send us two 500-1000 word writing samples, a resume, and a cover letter. If we don’t have a position open that you fit, we will keep your file on hand. Can’t wait to get to meet you!

Why do we do what we do?

Because of readers like you!


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